4WD Adventure Training Bush Course

We have owned our Mitsubishi Pajero NW for a little over a month now and decided to get a bit of training on using the Pajero offroad. We have owned and used Subarus offroad and touring for over 20 years and consider ourselves to be quite competent offroad (to the Subaru’s limits) and travel wise. What we don’t have yet is the experience with a larger and more capable 4WD such as the Pajero; hence the offroad training.

Adventure Offroad Training is the company that we used. We chose the full day “4WD Bush” course which runs up and around the “Powerlines Track” in Mundaring about 60kms north of Perth.

The start point for the course is at the Lakes Roadhouse where we met the trainers. After a quick round of introductions we set off. We were lucky as there was only one other car on the course as well as two trainers, meaning more personalized instruction. Adventure Training limits the bush course to no more than 5 cars so even if the course was full you would still get pretty good attention.

After a short 5 min drive we pulled off into the bush near the Powerlines and was given about a one hour lecture on 4WD theory and how a 4WD system works, then off we went on the practical part of the course.

We drove for about 5 mins then stopped again where Richard gave us instruction on how to tackle an off camber corner on the track we were following. This continued through the morning with the group stopping and be shown demonstrations by Richard and his assistant Troy in his Toyota FJ.

Some of what we were taken over was quite daunting, although with the expert guidance of Richard & Troy this made the picking the right line easy.

At one point we drove up and down a steep incline, that was an experience to be remembered, going up all I could see was bonnet and sky on the way down I could see the ground dead (should I use that word) in front of me. Man! that was steep.

Well I thought the last incline was bad but what was coming up next really gave me a fright.

By now we were back on the Powerlines track and have come up to a “interesting technical” challenge to quote Richard. Well “Who would like to do this” asked Richard
Now I didn’t have do this but this is what we are here for, so with the guidance of Richard down the track I went. The angle that the Pajero was on was unbelievable and frighting. But I did it and I’m glad I did.

It was a great day and we learnt a lot. The last “technical challenge” was an eye opener that showed what, with a capable car and expert guidance, can be achieved. The bit at the end of the day was great and was the most extreme 4WD that I have ever done and also money and time well spent.

Thanks to Richard and Troy of Adventure Off road

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