Hanns Track GPS Waypoints


Below is a link to download GPS waypoints for Hanns Track. These are waypoints as recorded by Ian Elliot from his book “Hanns Track” , Explorer Series, Western Australia, No. 7, 1st Edition.

The waypoints (HT) including a description  were keyed into the Hema Explorer software on a PC by ourselves and hopefully will be beneficial to the 4WD community. Additionly we have added a few extras Points of Interest (POI) making over a hundred and fifty  waypoints. Also for access to Hanns Camp we have added four of our own (OTD). These are to make it easier to get to Hanns Camp as when trying to use the number two waypoint from the book, we found that we could not  find/access that point, we speculate that most likely a road realignment due to mining activity has moved the road further South.                             

Hema Oziexplorer Hanns Track Waypoints
Hema Oziexplorer Hanns Track Waypoints
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The waypoints are sutiable for use in the Hema GPS, Hema PC software and Oziexplorer software.

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