The March Fly Tour

Day 1 - The Morning, Bunbury to Nannup)

Thursday, 27th Febraury 2014

After spending the night in Bunbury with relatives we have breakfast at about 7.00am, then head out to the local shops to buy a few things before we head down to Donnybrook on the way to Barrabup Pool just outside of Nannup. We had left Perth yesterday at about 6.00pm and got to Bunbury at about 8.30pm. Nice easy run but run into a lot of bugs. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid to high 30’s over the next couple of days :'( .

We are going to try and follow the trip notes from the book ‘4WD Weekends out of Perth’ By Nick Underwood and Ian Elliot for Trip Number 5 – Down Nannup.

All is going well for the first couple of kilometers of the trip until we get to a right hand turn near the Upper Capel Road. The turn would have taken us through a gold mining area riddled with mine shafts. But access was blocked may be because of the mine shafts. My mother was born in Donnybrook and I was surprised to find that in the 1890’s they mined for gold. You wouldn’t think of gold mining in Western Australia’s South West.

All is going well til the trip notes don’t seem to match where we are. The Hema HM6 tells us execatly where we are so in would be next to impossible to get lost. Well we don’t get lost be do get a bit confused and end up back tracking and crossing over the same terrain a couple of times. The most changelling was from from Brooklands to Powlalup along side the Blackwood River. The drive through the pine plantations was nice (except where the pines had been logged) and we still had a good time.

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