Lake Jasper & Black Point

Day 1 Perth to Lake Jasper


Wednesday, 25th Febraury 2015

We spent the last couple of weekends tweaking the car with some ideas from our last trip. We fitted some lights to our roof rack for our camp and a new interior light in the boot, these all run off the auxiliary battery. We put the truck in for it?s interim service and to attend to safety recall which resulted in them replacing the timing chain tensioner. The south west has bad fires about 3 weeks ago so the last thing we do is check with DPAW and DFES to see if the area is OK ? it is 🙂

We boarded our cat last night ready for an early start today.

We set out for Lake Jasper, grabbing breaky when we fill the truck up. We have a bit of light rain before we hit Bunbury to pop in and see family who said they had a thunderstorm last night.

Back on the road Nannup is our destination. A few kms south of Donnybrook rain visits us again then the thunder starts on and off all the way to Lake Jasper and temp is only 25 deg, perfect! The town of up Nannup is quietly going about its working day. We top up the tank at Nannup and drive on to Lake Jasper. The rain becomes heavier and thunder is rolling all around us while the temperature drops and wind picks up.

We turn off for Lake Jasper, what a difference some rain makes. Last time the track was sandy and boggy, today it has been dampened by the rain and there is more water running in Marshall Ford but it?s an easy crossing.

Water crossing out the way, we see a couple of cars at the little info bay. They were wondering if the road out was open because the sign said it was closed. They indicate they had come from Black Point. We tell them we?ve just come through and all is good. We hope their presence doesn?t mean Lake Jasper is full 🙂

We arrive and to our joy there?s no one there ? yay! ? so we grab the best spot.

Although the rain has stopped the sky is overcast and the thunder is rolling loudly ? sounds like a storm is on its way. After we set up the awning we make a cuppa and relax. Before setting up camp we head off for a walk. On the way we see a pie dish beetle and then we reach the shore of Lake Jasper, gee it’s large and to think it’s fresh drinkable water!

To think they actually allowed water skiing on this lake until a couple of years go.

We see some kangaroo paws, actually there are heaps of them, they seem to thrive here.

Lake Jasper is the largest freshwater lake in WA, approx 2 x 4 kms in size and with a depth varying from 3 to 10 mts. It falls within the D?Entrecasteaux National Park

By about 5.00pm it appears the storm has passed us by, we put tea on and settle in for the night.

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