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Our Hanns Track Adventure Dash Cam

Our Hanns Track Adventure took us on a 19 day odyssey stating in our Home town of Perth, Western Australia and end back in the same place. But in those 19 days we traveled along Hanns Track, and the David Carnegie Road and took in a few other spots along the way. This post is […]

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Hanns Track GPS Waypoints

  Below is a link to download GPS waypoints for Hanns Track. These are waypoints as recorded by Ian Elliot from his book “Hanns Track” , Explorer Series, Western Australia, No. 7, 1st Edition. The waypoints (HT) including a description  were keyed into the Hema Explorer software on a PC by ourselves and hopefully will […]

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Hanns Track Drone Video

This is video footage in HD is taken with our Mavic Pro drone of our Trip along Frank Hanns Track in July 2018. It covers Malcolm Dam, Yeo Lake, Hanns Track (Lily Rockhole, Winterbottom Rocks, Millar Lakes), Sand dunes near Sykes Bluff, Flood plains near Lorna Glen and a Rock outcrop on the Mundale Track. […]

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