Easter around Southern Cross

Day 1 - To Camp via Koolyanobbing

Finally, its the easter Long weekend, we’ve been waiting for this break to head off far away from the madding crowd….. We hit the road a couple of minutes before 7.00am on Friday, got some ice on the way out and we’re off -yay!

We have an uneventful run out to Southern Cross, we get there just on midday were we stop to top up the tank, our rotopak fuel cels and pop some water into our solar showers ready to leave the black top. Next stop Koolyanobbing (means Place of large rocks)
Its starting to get late in the day as we head north eastish from Koolyanobbing to the start of the Helena Aurora Range (Bungalbin). we will need find a spot to camp for the evening pretty soon.

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