IPF Driving Lights 901 Xtreme Sport

Sunday, 24th August 2014

We decided to get some driving lights although we don’t expect to do much night driving. After doing some research on the types of light available and comparing types (Halogen, LED or ) and considering the amount of night driving we expect to do, we decided on the ARB IPF Driving Lights model 901 Xtreme Sport with a spot and a spread.

ARB was chosen to install the IPF driving lights due to ARB doing all of the mods so far, although I was not to happy with the installation of the Old Man Emu shocks, they had given us a good price and I couldn’t be bothered messing around installing then adjusting the lights. May as well get ARB to do the work.

Well, we get to ARB look at the Pajero and the IPF Driving Lights look good, ARB look like they have done a good job and they have in the installation, but (there’s always a kicker), We had paid for security nuts to be fitted to secure the Spotties, this had not been done and the lights have not been adjusted due the ARB according to the salesman “not having the facilities to adjust spot lights“.

Hmmm, okay no bigger as such, so I unbolted the lights refitted with the security nuts then went out and adjusted them last night using the old method, find a dark lonely road and adjust till the lights shine where they need to be.
Never having good quality spotlights before, we are very much impressed with the IPF 901 Xtreme Sport , the difference between just high beam and high beam with spotties on is so great is unbelievable and now makes driving at night much easier.

Note: After some research on adjusting lights it seems you only need a blank wall and some lines marked on the wall, position the car and adjust lights to the lines, simple.

Update: 29.9.2015

Have had the lights for over a year now and have just returned from a 6000 km trip and the IPF Driving Lights 901 Xtreme Sport performed well above expectation. I reckon a good choice to have the spotties.

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