Does Australia Post really care about its customers?

Round One

Hmmm, In my opinion NO!

Let me explain. I am waiting for a parcel to arrive containing some items that I have brought from an Australian Company via EBay. I am supplied a tracking number with the goods to be delivered within 6 working days.
On day six I decide to use the tracking to see how the delivery is going. Great it’s scheduled for delivery today, so I decide to stay home all day to wait for it. The day slowly passes and it reaches 3.00pm. Right that seems odd, so I check the front door and the letterbox, nothing. Back inside I go.
I go to Australia Post’s tracking web site enter the tracking number again only to find that the parcel is waiting at the local Australia Post Post Office. The driver claims that at 12.24pm on the 24th of May he/she attempted delivery.

Attempted delivery – redirected to Post Office We couldn’t deliver this item because there was no one to accept it or there wasn’t a suitable place to leave it. We left a missed delivery card at the address explaining where and when the item can be collected.
12:24 pm Tue 24 May

Right, Bullshite. If this was the case I would have heard something. Now like many people today I have security cameras that monitor my driveway and front door. So it’s a simple case of checking the footage and of course there was NO attempt to deliver the parcel.
By the time this is all done it is too late in the day to pick up the item, I will just have to do it tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25th May,  2016.

Off to the Post Office I go. When I am there I mention to the guy at the counter about the delivery and basically his response was “We have nothing to do with deliveries call this number 131 318”. Right thanks for your help (or is that lack of help?).

Get home and call the 131 318 number. Well the phone call was answered almost straight away, that’s a good start. So I explain to the guy on the phone about what happened.

This how it roughly went to the best of my memory, although I could ask Australia Post for a transcript as the phone was recorded to help with their training and to improve their service.

Me: “Hi”
Aust Post: “Hello, How may I help you”
Me: “I have this issue with my parcel not being delivered and I have poof as I have security cameras”
Aust Post: “Sometimes our drivers make mistakes and you say you have proof with you security cameras?”
Me: “Yes I have proof”
Aust Post: “Okay we will contact the distribution centre and get them to tell the driver off and make sure that it doesn’t happen to you again, and you say you have proof with your security cameras”
Me: “Yes I have proof. This wasn’t a mistake though, it was intentional “
Aust Post: “Drivers do make mistakes, has this happened to you before?”
Me: “It’s not a mistake, I don’t get a lot of parcels through Australia Post, but I recall it happened once before a year or so back”
Aust Post: “Okay we won’t worry about that then, and you have security cameras”
Me: “Yes!!, Do I get compensation for my costs in fuel and time collecting the parcel from the post office, considering the parcel should have delivered to me at home?”
Aust Post: “No, as you have security cameras will we make sure it doesn’t happen to you again, Bye”
Me: “Goodbye”

How do I interpret the phone conversation?
1. Australia Post wasn’t really interested in me as a customer.
2. Australia Post was interested in the fact I have security cameras and can prove that no driver had called in to deliver anything.
3. Australia Post will not compensate me for having to do what they have been paid to do and didn’t (postage on the parcel has been paid for delivery to my address)
4. Australia Post gave me lip service by calling intentionally not delivering the parcel a mistake – which it’s not; it is intentional.
5. Australia Post are only going to make sure it doesn’t happen to ME again because I can prove their driver didn’t attempt delivery as claimed (where does this leave customers who can’t prove that Australia Post did not attempt to deliver their parcel).

Since this event I have done some research on the internet and found out some interesting things.
According to some web sites/forums Drivers are paid a set amount regardless of the amount of parcels they deliver. Drivers may miss deliveries to make up time or to save on costs (such as fuel etc). It also seems that my experience with this delivery at least and my post research, that it seems to be a increasing trend with Australia Post these days.

Still I have another delivery expected in the next couple of days via Australia Post so I will see if Australia Post does do what they have been paid to do.

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