Traveling South Australia’s Iconic Googs Track and Gawler Ranges


The seeds for this trip were planted when we got back from Alice Springs last year. We decided we’d head back to South Australia and do the Googs Track for our annual 2016 holidays. Then along came Easter, we were originally going to do a short camping run south east of Perth. The more we talked about our destination for Easter the desire for something bigger grew. It was decided, we’ll take a few extra days off before Easter and do Googs Track. Ah…. that feels better 🙂

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The making of Googs Track
The idea of Googs Track was born on the back vernadah of “Goog” and Jenny Denton’s Lone Oak Farmhouse as they stood looking north toward Tarcoola. In 1973 they along with help from their children, Martin, Debbie and Jeffery and Jenny’s brother Dennis set about cutting a road through the land. This was no easy task as the landscape was littered with over 300 sand dunes. After 18 months they had cleared about 55 kilometers near what is now called Googs Lake. Here they built a shack and used it as base camp for the rest of the road building. In 1976 they completed the road. Today many people have enjoyed traveling the track which in 4WD circles is referred to as a mini Simpson Desert.

We are looking forward to enjoying the experience of traveling Googs Track

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