How to remodel the Mitsubishi Pajero Battery tray

Preamble - Battery Comparsion

Thursday, 27th March 2016

On the way back from our last trip doing Googs Track / Gawler Ranges in South Australia we did our normal thing and went down the Old Hyden Norseman Road and cleared another 6 trees. The Warn winch was used a fair bit and the battery was flattened once or twice. No biggie it will recharge on the way home and we’ve only flattened it once before. So on the way back we get to Kondinin stop for a quick bite to eat?and then we notice a Rotten Egg smell, yup Sulpher, the battery is about to die. The Pajero is still starting fine although the volts are reading a touch low, so we keep on moving. We get back to Perth late Friday night and the next morning the Pajero won’t start, Oh Oh we need a new battery.

The Old battery was the original Mitsubishi Pajero Black Diamond Product Code XN50ZZLMF. After a bit of research it turns out that this is an Exide Extreme Battery which also has the same Product Code. We wanted to try to get a larger battery to provide more power (Arr Arr Arr) so we chose to replace the Black Diamond / Exide Extreme with the Century Ultra Hi Performance, the only issue is that to install the Century Ultra Hi Performance battery modifications are needed.

The Century battery is 47mm longer than the original Black Diamond/Exide Extreme battery and we wanted to keep the original battery sub tray (the sub tray is just a plastic box that sits on the Pajero’s main battery tray which is also plastic and is bolted to the body of the Pajero). All other sizes of the new battery are under or equal to the original battery. This makes it easy to modify the sub tray as only the length of the sub tray needs to be changed.

Battery Comparsion:
Brand: Black Diamond/Exide Extreme: Century Ultra Hi Performance:
Volts: 12 12
Type: Sealed Maintenance Free Calcium Flooded Cell
CCA: 720 760
RC: 150 185
AMP: 75 85
Length: 259 306
Width: 173 171
Height: 223 223
Weight: 20.0 Kg 22.50 Kg

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