Cooper AT3 – All Terrain Tyres

With the number of times we got bogged on the Dunn Track we decided that better off road tyres would be required. Two brands come to mind straight of. Either the Cooper AT3 or the Mickey Thompson MTZ. I didn’t really want to get new tyres just yet due to the OE tyres still having good tread. I wanted to get more use out of the original tyres. But it was obvious we are going to need better traction on the tracks.

Because I had already done research on both of these a few months back I considered both a good choice. Consequently the Mickey Thompson STZ was my favored tyre over the Cooper AT3. Both are a light truck tyre which gives better construction strength and a deeper tread. About 12 mm for both as opposed to the original tyres which only had 7 mm.

Mickey Thompson had a $40 cash back promo on the Mickey Thompson STZ . Although it required you to purchase the tyres then apply to get the cashback.  Great, I will buy the Mickey Thompson STZ. As a comparison I checked the price of the Cooper AT3, to my surprise Cooper’s also had a $40 cashback per tyre but applied at the retailer (ie pay $40 of each tyre and no messing about applying for the discount).

Each tyre cost $355 each and with the discount brought the price down to $315. Sweet.  Go with Cooper AT3.  Rather then waiting for the cashback, we may as well get the discount there and then. as a result the tyres would brought from our local Tyrepower. Each tyre type is pretty much the same therefore I was not fussed in buying the AT3’s.

Update: 29.9.2015

We have had the Cooper  AT3’s for just about 10,000 kms now and are especially pleased with the handling, wear rate and damage resistance. We have just returned from a 6,000 km trip to Northern Territory and South Australia and the Cooper AT3 tyres performed exceptionally.

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