Does Australia Post really care about its customers?

31st May 2016: Round Three

After waiting all day I phone Australia Posts 131318 customer service and ask where my parcel was.
Aust Post: “Hello this Tracey , How I may help”
Me: “Hi Tracey, just wondered whats happened to my parcel”
Australia Post: “Could I have your tracking number please”
I give the tracking number.
Australia Post: “Can I confirm your details, Name Address, Mobile Number”
I give these details and can’t figure out why she needs my mobile number as I have not given this number to Australia Post. Of course they have logged my number from previous phone calls and all she needs to do is look at her screen to see the number I have called on is the same as the last time(s).
Australia Post: “That parcel is at your local Post office for you to collect”
Me: “I spoke to Jay yesterday and he assured me it would be delivered today”
Australia Post: “Our Agents can’t do that. They can only request redelivery, He has not followed correct procedure.”
Me: “Okay, please deliver it tomorrow.”
Australia Post: “I can only request It be redelivered”
Me: “Can you assure me the parcel will be redelivered tomorrow”
Australia Post: “No”
At this point I am totally frustrated and say:
Me: “I seem to be getting nowhere, I may as well go pickup the parcel myself and do Australia Posts job for them, Cancel the delivery that’s what I am going to do.
Australia Post: “Okay, Thank you for calling Australia Post, I am glad that I have been able to help you.”
I will go to the Local Post office tomorrow to finally get my parcel.

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