Dunns Track (Sort Of)

Day 4 Camp along Dunns Track to Home

Saturday, 4th April 2015

We wake early, pack up and continue along Dunns Track heading for Ravensthorpe to top up the tank.

The drive along the remainder of Dunns Track was uneventful although it was slow going.

Before we hit the gravel road we have to go through the gate of the State Barrier Fence.
The State Barrier fence was formerly known as the rabbit proof fence and was originally erected between 1902 and 1907. There were 3 fences, #1, #2 & #3. It has also been known as the State Vermin and Emu fence. When passing through the gates it is important you shut the gate as per the signs ? we comply.

Once through the gate we stop to reinflate the tyres ready for the bitumen and faster gravel. While here we spot a lone grasshopper but not your average garden variety. This one is ?pretty? and has two short lacy white wings on its back. We haven?t seen one of these before so grab some photos so we can identify it when we get home.

We turn onto the gravel road to head into Ravensthorpe; wow! this is like a freeway after Dunn?s Track. At Ravensthorpe we top up the tank and grab a pie. Next stop home.

Diesel ? Ravensthorpe $139.9 cpl we got 7.8kpl

Time Taken: 2.23.46
Total Distance: 47.87 KM
Max Speed: 105
Avg Speed: 19.98

Diesel- Home $132.9 cpl we got 9.27kpl

Footnote: From our research on the grasshopper we think it?s a Blistered Grasshopper.

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