Lake Jasper & Black Point

Day 2 Around Lake Jasper

Thursday, 26th Febraury 2015

We awake to a fine day, a little bit cool and cloudy but no rain insight. We were relaxing after breaky when around 8.30am we hear a car coming in ? hmmmm… visitors.

They pull in and have a look but seem disappointed that we?re here in the best spot; they probably thought they were early enough to grab this one. Anyway they drive off and then come back and it sounds like they set up in spot #1. They set up and leave. About 10.30am another car pulls in and again don?t look happy that the best spot was taken ? they leave.

Although the cool weather is welcome we had come prepared to take a dip thinking it would be hotter than it was, oh well next time. We spend the rest of day relaxing, reading and go for another walk hoping to get some photos of the local bird life but we only manage a purple swamphen and a beetle. Not sure if it?s the time of the year but we don?t see much bird life, only an occasional purple swamphen and one fantail that visited our camp twice but no photo. We could hear kookaburras, cockies and 28?s but no sightings.

We try out the panoramic feature on our new camera taking some shots of the lake. The water is so clear that you can see the swamphen footprints on the bottom of the lake.

We head back to camp to prep tea and right on cue the wind picks up and rain is on the cards again. Tea over and no rain yet, we enjoy the evening before hitting the hay. Just after dozing off some cars pull and set up camp for the night. We doze off again.

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