Lake Jasper & Black Point

Day 3 Lake Jasper to Home

Friday, 26th Febraury 2015

After breaky we start packing up to head to Black Point. We?re on the road by 7.30am. We head out to Black Point along Woodarburrup Road.

The drive out to Black Point gets bumpy now and then but its good fun and we have no dramas. The bush is beautiful at this time day and there are still signs of the area being damp from the recent rains.

We call in to Jasper Beach on the way; although we didn?t drive down on the beach the area is very nice.

We continue along Woodarburrup Road toward Black Point and the track becomes bumpier to say the least and gave the traction control a work out. The photos don’t really show the bumps, you’ll have to do the drive yourself to experience it 😎

Black Point derives its name from the basalt columns which formed over 130 million years ago from lava which flowed from the Darling Scarp in Perth, that?s over 300 kms away. We check out the camp ground with a future camping trip in mind.

We head out to Nannup via Milyeannup Coast Road. This comes out at Stewart Road and then joins up with Brockman Highway. Along the way we run into Brown’s Cows out for their morning walk – Free Range Cows.

We arrive at Nannup and what a change, the town is a buzz with people; a camp ground has been set up on the local oval, cars & people everywhere. The reason? The Nannup Music Festival is on. We pass through and keep going. We have a good run home but you should see the traffic on the other side of the road, heading south for the weekend and no doubt the Nannup Music Festival.

We had a good time and will be heading back down there again.

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