Our Hanns Track Adventure Dash Cam

Day 2-4: Niagara Dam to Laverton.

This video is a compilation from our dash cam and covers Day Two to Day Four of our “Our Hanns Track Adventure” trip from July 2018. The video has been compiled from several hours of footage which has been edited down to about 16 minutes with informative text added.
This day saw us waking up in the morning to some heavy showers of rain at Niagara Dam where we had camped for the night. We left Niagara going back to Kookynie Road to take the Goldfields Highway North to Lenora.
After filling up with diesel we headed for Malcolm Dam where we are going to camp for a day or so. We left Malcolm Dam heading to Sunrise Dam Minesite to visit some friends. We decide take the Old Laverton Leonra Road passing through the old townsites of Malcolm, Murrin Murrin and a few others. We then when along the Mount Margaret Weld Road meeting up Mount Weld Road to head South down to Sunrise Dam Granny Smith Mine.
Then after a couple of hours headed North to Laverton and a overnight stay at the Laverton Caravan Park.

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