Our Hanns Track Adventure Dash Cam

HannsTrack - Day 6: Yeo Homestead to Lily Rockhole

We awoke at Yeo Homestead to a cold cloudy day. A bit of drizzle forced us to move to the verandah of the homestead building whilst we had breaky and prepped for the days travel. The rain didn’t last long and we left Yeo Homestead heading North towards Yeo Lake rather than taking the shorter route along The Anne Beadell Highway.

Yeo Lake was picturesque. The track crosses parts of the lake system and proved to be no dramas with the exception of one small section which was a bit soft. Although this track would be impassable in the wet season or after heavy rains.

We rejoined the Anne Beadell Hwy and after a stop to clear Spinifex from the Pajero’s underneath and radiator continued on to a flat topped butte call “Bishop Rileys Pulpit” named by Frank Hann in June 1906. A few kilometres past this rock saw use turning to the left on a shot line which took us to “Wilkinson Range” also named by Frank Hann on his May 1903 expedition through the area. After a turn to the North we crossed our first sand dune on this trip. The sand dunes here abouts are low vegetated dunes and are easy to cross.

Around 2.45pm we reached “Lily Rockhole” gorge (again named by Fran Hann in May 1903) nestled in Wilkinson Range, Great Victoria Desert, Western Australia. This is where we camped overnight before continuing on “Hanns Track”.

Travel Time: 4 hours and 31 minutes
Travel Distance: 83 Kms
Average Speed: 18 kph

Visits: 3490