Our Hanns Track Adventure Dash Cam

Hanns Track - Day 5: Laverton to Yeo Homestead

We woke up at the Laverton Caravan Park on a fine, sunny morning. After a quick packing of the Pajero we headed into town to fill up the fuel tank and buy a few items at the local IGA. The plan today is to Visit Frank Hanns Camp then head towards the abandoned but restored Yeo Homestead. The homestead is in the Yeo Lake Nature Reserve in the Great Victoria Desert, Western Australia.

Frank Hanns Camp is about 15kms North East of Laverton, off White Cliffs Road. After finding the Camp and a well dug by Frank Hann which is south of Hanns Camp, we headed back to White Cliffs Rd and continued towards Yeo. We headed along the White Cliffs – Yamarna Road in a North East direction. The road is in pretty good condition, probably due to mines out this way. We passed several mining trucks although couldn’t work out what they were transporting.

After a couple of hours we reached the abandoned Yamarna Station. A few quick photos before we turned right onto the Anne Beadell Highway heading East. Initially this road was in good condition. There were plenty of turn offs to mine sites which explained why. We are now well into the Great Victoria Desert and the Anne Beadell Hwy was starting to become worse.

We reached Point Sunday, climbed to the top, took a few photos and after a short break continued on our way. From this point on the road became more corrugated with soft sandy sections and it narrowed down to pretty much a single lane. The Anne Beadell Hwy runs West/East and so do the dunes of the Great Victoria Desert. This makes the drive easier than trying to cross the dunes. Around mid afternoon we reached Yeo Homestead. We will be camping overnight and look forward to a few hours of rest.

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